WordMonsterz Game Play & Proven Results

The purpose of Word Monsterz is to help kids learn to read words quicker.  Our first edition of Word Monstez does this by using what experts call “Sight Words”.  These are words that children should instantly recognize and process.  In the United States, this typically starts in Kindergarten, depending on the state and school system.  The more a word is used in English, the earlier in a child’s life they should learn it.  Therefore, words like “a”, “the”, or “and” are sight words in their first year of learning.  The concept certainly makes sense.

WordMonsterz Works

I have personally noticed that it works.  As the creator of these games, my son hated to read.  And I do mean that.  And he struggled to do so which effected his confidence when reading.  That only led to him disliking reading even more.  WordMonsterz has started to turn that around for him.  As my first test student, even while we were still getting the “kinks” worked out in WordMonsterz, his Lexile level (reading level) started to go up immediately.  He was in the 4th grade and his level was between 1st and 2nd grade.  He has already caught up in a matter of a few months.

How did he catch up after being behind so far after just a few months?
Because he has gone through and completed all of the word search and word scramble puzzles from Kindergarten through 4th grade and now instantly recognizes words as he reads.  Whereas before, he would have to pay so much attention to trying to read/sound-out/guess a word that his reading was very choppy. Now, he has to focus less on recognizing a word, which has also increased his comprehension because he isn’t trying so hard to figure out what word he is reading.  Now, hundreds of children have used WordMonsterz to help accelerate their reading skills!

How does the mobile game work?
It’s simple.  Download on the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon and open the game.  Create a username for your child (you can create an account to help you track their progress, but you don’t have to).  Select their grade level (I prefer to start them off a year earlier than their current grade to make grow their confidence). Each puzzle starts with a set of words.  First, they find those 6-8 words in a word search puzzle (like below).  Then, you do a word scramble with the exact same words, helping reinforce the words they just found in the search.  For the younger levels, we also have audio so that when a child finds a word, it speaks the word to them so that they can hear it, not just see it.   All along they are collecting coins and leveling up from the Apprentice level all the way to Master of the Universe.  (Hey, we want them to have fun.)  After they complete a search and then the scramble with those same words, they earn a FUN ROUND.  The fun round are different categories kids may like such as football, candy, cartoons or insects.

So check out some of the screens for WordMonsterz below.  We will continue to add more fun modes, as well as fun round categories.


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