Welcome to Monsterz Mobile & Trading Cards

Welcome.  My name is Kent and I am the founder of Monsterz, what I believe is an exciting and unique trading card game experience.  Let me back up and tell you a little background story.  I guess you can consider my eight year old son the co-founder.

My son was struggling a bit in school with math and reading.  And he really struggled with doing math when he was at with his mom.  His confidence was low.  He didn’t say it but we could tell that he felt as if he was not smart.  When your child is struggling like that in elementary school you want to do anything you can to help because you know it’s only going to get harder.  He didn’t like school because of these things.

He was at the beginning of his 3rd grade year.  We were trying to play a different trading card game (I say try because the top 2 trading card games are extremely difficult to learn to play properly).  He really loved the cards  As we were playing a light bulb went off in my head.  “Why not create a trading card game with top quality, incredible monsters, but one that kids actually have to do math while playing.” And MathMonsterz and WordMonsterz was born.

I tried to keep the game simple because, as I mentioned earlier, you need a degree to learn how to play the two trading card games that start with P and Y.  I also wanted it to be something that a parent could feel they could sit down and invest just 15-30 minutes to play a full game.  Obviously, you can play more than that, but being a parent I know how busy we can be.  Let me also say that it is an awesome tool to bring parent and child together.  Too many parents aren’t truly involved in their children’s education.  I have a blast playing with my son, and because he is competitive, he spends 10-15 minutes before we playing practicing his math (and now word) problems so he doesn’t miss any during the game.

I had my son (Jax) spend about 15-30 minutes a day playing our games 3-5 days a week. The results were incredible after a little over a month.  For math alone, he went from 50% to 86% in under a month, and then achieved 98% for his individualized education program in six months  (with a goal of 80%).

The Monsterz games are only going to get better as we continue to invest more money, time, get more schools involved and get players (and teachers) feedback.  My dream truly is to touch millions and millions of children around the world with this unique combination of trading cards and the mobile game.  We need your help to do so.  Download the free mobile games.  Buy a couple packs of starter decks so you can each have a full deck to play from.  Play with your kids and encourage them to practice before you play so they can excel.  And even if your kids are already excellent students, would you rather invest in some P or Y card decks that do nothing for your kids, or would you rather accelerate their education?

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