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The results of the Monsterz™ games have been seen in children throughout the United States. Many children's percentile comparing before to after using the Monsterz™ game have gone up over 20% points in just a few months. Even our Founder's son went from 50% to 86% in under a month and then achieved 98% for his individualized education program in six months (with a goal of 80%). MathMonsterz™, our first subject, is free to download on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon. And your children will love the trading cards. Kids can tire of mobile games, but the Monsterz™ cards keep them coming back to the game again and again.

WordMonsterz, our reading app, launched in 2017. Giving students a fun way to learn words that will help them read faster and smoother, while retaining what they read, is key to their growth from Elementary through College. WordMonsterz gives them the ability to greatly accelerate their reading by learning the most important sight words from K-7th grade so that they instantly see a word and know what it is...all while having a blast playing in a word search and word scramble game!


We’ve shared with you results from our founder. Your children can experience the same results and get ahead of the curve on math. That only one of dozens of success stories…and we are only in a pre-launch stage.

We expect thousands of testimonials over the next year! And our commitment to you is that we will continue to add exciting characters and new methods of practice to keep them engaged.


Make learning TRULY fun and all kids enjoy. Bring in cool monsters and it is even better! Finally, put cards in their hands and it’s game on!

Hey, those cards may end up on their nightstands, on their floor, or dirtying up your family room. Let’s face it, that will probably happen. But is it worth it if it is a constant reminder of the game that creates the desire for them to practice and play often.


Not all kids “love” competition, but let’s face it, when they are playing against their parents and friends, they want to win! This desire to win helps kids want to study before they play so they can memorize whatever operations and tables they are working on at that point in time.


Not all kids are the same. Not all learn the same. Even kids who may love math & reading can learn faster, practice more and achieve even greater results using Monsterz™.

And during practice and game play they can choose grade appropriate reading and math based on their skill level.

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About Monsterz

Accelerating kids reading & math, one child at a time

We are normal everyday people trying to do our part to impact this, and future generations. Parents spend billions, yes, billions of dollars every year for games that don't have a great impact on their kids education. Why not have a game kids love that has a great impact on their education! WE BELIEVE WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT ON MANY LEVELS: 1. We can help kids who don't enjoy school or learning have a great time learning. 2. We can help children excel at math and other subjects at a young age, giving them confidence and a head start for middle and high school.3. We bring children and parents together, creating amazing memories playing Monsterz™ games together.

  • Percentile vs. Other 3rd Graders Prior to MathMonsterz

  • Percentile vs. Other 3rd Graders after MathMonsterz

  • Percentile vs. Other 3rd Graders prior to WordMonsterz

  • Percentile vs Other 3rd Graders after WordMonsterz


Simple people, trying to make a difference in the lives of children and their education



Starting with a dream to make learning fun for kids, Kent enjoys working out, hanging with his kids, and anything to do with Florida State University (especially football).
Starting with a dream to make learning fun for kids, Kent enjoys working out, hanging with his kids, and anything to do with Florida State University (especially football).


Chief Artist

An incredibly talented artist, and just an overall great guy, Ben leads our artistic efforts. Just look at his monsters and you will see that this guys talent is limitless.


Marketing Director

As the director of marketing, Rebecca leads our efforts for branding and communications. She She loves her family, dragon flies, and TV show thrillers.

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